GEO Angel Brown (CM-834) Review – By Huong

13 Jul

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Originally written and posted by Huong

GEO Angel Brown CM-834 Review

Hello everyone! How have y’all been? I haven’t been blogging lately because of school. I do miss blogging and reading all your blogs, I learn new thingseveryday just by reading your blogs and I really enjoy that!
So today’s post is about a review on GEO Angel Brown CM-834 lenses. They were sent by I received the lenses within 3 working days from her and the lenses were very much protectedbecause it was inside two jiffy envelopes.
Inside the envelope, there were afree lenses case, a mini info posterabout, a business card, a mini instructions leaflet and the Geo lenses itself.
This was my first time trying out lenses and I really was super excited about it. I have always wanted to wear a pair of colored lenses but I have never bought a pair to wear before because I didn’t know which website to buy it from. Ebay? Nah. I don’t trust it with lenses. I would buy clothes from Ebay but not lenses because I don’t want to buy fake lenses and damage my eyes. Never am I going to take that risk. If I ever want to buy lenses, I will buy them from because I know that it is a trustworthy site.
 The picture is a little blurry because my camera can’t focus well, but you can see the colour of the lense. The lenses doesn’t enlarge your eyes/ it doesn’t make your eyes seem any bigger. (I think that these lenses are15mm in diameter.)I wouldn’t like big lenses because it doesn’t look natural on me. I would wear it if I’m going to anime expo or if I’m out at a party.

I really like the color of the lenses because it looks natural on me. I prefer the color light brown over my natural eye color which is dark brown because it makes me look innocent. ^^ If I have the choice to pick my eye color, it would definitely be light brown or light blue(if I’m not Chinese that is).
When I first put on the lenses, my eyes felt weird. It felt like something wasin my eyes, super uncomfortable. :/ Though after a while, it was fine. I don’t think I’m used to wearing contact lenses. If I wear it often, I doubt that there will be any problems. =)
The price of the pair of lenses is approximately £10 in the U.K and I find itvery cheap in comparison to what people are selling it for on facebook.They sell it for £20 and they make quite a bit of profit from it especially when they buy it in boxes. (The more you buy, the cheaper things are.)
I like these pair of lenses because of the colour and the size of it. I found it a bit difficult to put it on my eyes because my eyes are small! I literally had to stretch my eyes in order to put in the lenses. It took me a while, but I got there eventually. But apart from that and the fact that it felt uncomfortable at first when wearing the lenses, I do recommend these lenses.


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